Kathryn Shull Dannerbeck

Kathryn has been pursuing her interest in jewelry and the fiber arts for over 40 years.  An active weaver/basketmaker in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Kathryn began designing jewelry to accessorize her handwoven garments.  She was intrigued with vintage German and Czech glass beads and her first large purchase lead her to convert much of her studio to jewelry making.  Her studio, The Ranch, was open several days a week offering beads and components from around the world.  She also traveled and taught jewelry design and techniques.

In 1994, Kathryn and her husband, Peter, opened BEADS & BEYOND.  Kathryn and Peter became very involved in the blooming bead industry and traveled to the Czech Republic designing beads and hand-made glass and ceramic buttons for many years.  BEADS & BEYOND offered an extensive education program hiring local and national teachers to compliment Kathryn’s jewelry classes.  To combine her love for travel, Kathryn, sponsored and lead over 15 tours to Eastern Europe, Italy and Kenya.  The tours emphasized glass, bead and button production, and she was instrumental in helping to start beading co-ops in non-tourist Maasai villages.  In addition to the tours, retail and wholesale businesses, BEADS & BEYOND sponsored nine juried shows titled Absolutely Beads.

BEADS & BEYOND was sold in 2008 and Kathryn and Peter have moved to Camano Island, Washington where she is involved with the Camano Arts Association and continues to pursue her passion in jewelry and the fiber arts.  Kathryn is launching a new venture called Lines of the Compass which will encompass her love of travel, ethnic arts, jewelry and fiber.  Kathryn is currently working with various metals combined with  semi-precious stones, beads and other objects.

Design: Marilyn Langdon